[sick theatre for sick people]


4 parts playwrights, one part dirty alleyway, 3 parts site specific, 2 parts gristle

The Alleyway Project @ Anywhere Theatre Festival 2012
10-19 May, 2012

Directed by Kat Henry, four playwrights write four new performative works to be shared for the intimate viewing pleasure of the Anywhere Theatre Festival audience.

Inspired by those narrow street spaces we pass everyday, and performed in those very same areas, the Alleyway Project presents site-specific, contemporary works full of sass, wit and a handful of grit.


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Our mission is to drag YOU off the couch and away from the television! We believe that live performance is still kicking and are here for the sole purpose of YOUR entertainment! We at Cradle Productions believe in a strong sense of entertainment and strive to provide young audiences with relevant, interesting and compelling theatre. Founded by Eloise Maree in 2009 and later joined by Lucie McIntosh (2010), Cradle Productions adheres to the ever changing nature of popular culture. Our shows guarantee to deliver experiences that are funny, exciting, diverse, surprising and confronting. We promise to pervert the more ridiculous elements of contemporary life to bring you shows and events that will get your juices going. Our philosophy is 'sick theatre for sick people'.... and we pretty much let our work do the rest of the talking!

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