The smart of conversation was held at Book Nook on Boundary Street, West End [QLD] as part of the 2009 BITS Festival.

In a nutshell, The Smart of Conversation was a conversation amongst strangers about a conversation amongst strangers!

In an era of technology, the art of conversation seems to be wandering astray... or is it?. This show required all participants to turn off their mobile phones and any other technology they had on them as they ventured into an interaction about important conversations in their lives. There was a particular emphasis on having conversations with strangers, as they are often bursting with insight and value, yet sadly, they are not often embarked upon.

The show was a fantastic success as all participants who showed up were extremely enthusiastic about the show and the interactive aspect. Eliose Maree performed her duty as host, asking the participants direct questions and allowing the initial awkwardness to be filled with confident replies as it became apparent that there was no wrong answer. As the show came to a close everybody agreed that they would have at least one conversation with a stranger that week; which was an unexpected yet positive outcome!


Mad as Molly is a sordid satire aimed at generation Y. Molly is a bored university student who would rather spend her days on facebook than discovering the glories of information and discourse. I mean why bother with the in's and out's of educational eminence when one could focus on being FAMOUS... 'making it'... being a star! RIGHT!?

Mad as Molly combines performance and theatre as she turns into a giant bottle, sings, dances and stomps her way to adulthood with disastrous results. 

Mad as Molly was presented independently by Cradle Productions and made its debut at Top Floor and !Metro Arts [QLD] in 2009. 


Love and Toejam was held at Top Floor on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane City [QLD] as part of the 2009 BITS Festival.

To set the scene... 

Marilyn Montoe swoons, Cinderella of the sock world. Jacques Lesock lusts after her tragic beauty. But can her ever win her heart? Step into the realm of shoe-less melodrama; you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to blow your nose! The all singing, all dancing puppets are sure to take you on a journey you'll never forget!

Loosly based on Commedia Dell'arte characters, Love and Toejam takes puppets on an epic journey of love, loss and beauty.

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