[SPARK]season II 

Spark returned with a very successful season 2! Much more than a theatre show and back with vengeance. Eloise Maree once again facilitated participant's engagement with their own personal truths and topical opinions.

The show was broadcast live online as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2011.

Controversial content may offend. If you are interested in watching re-runs please see the linked website.



TOILET SHOW@ the Graffiti Room

What: Performance/Interactive/Comedy

The act of writing on toilet walls is a bizarre practice.

Did Sally really love Tom in ’09? How? Where? And why did Sally choose to proclaim this while defecating?

What’s the reason for transforming this mundane facility into a confessional, a diary and a bragging ground?

The Toilet Show is a contemporary performance work, constructed from the writing scrawled on toilet walls around Brisbane. Comprised of a series of non-linear, skit-like fragments, the show removes the text from its natural environment and re-contextualises it within a performance domain, as three performers engage in an absurd conversation and interaction around a toilet bowl.


ANN [the other street party] presents... 

Princess Valley Monster!


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