[sick theatre for sick people]

We at Cradle Productions have suffered the boredom first hand. Although it was only for a brief while and that while was, indeed, a while ago we are here so that the plague doesn't spread. We have lost too many of our amigos and lovers to the pandemic of commercial entertainment! 

Our mission is to create exciting live entertainment that will mash up and smash up hollywoods cellophane veneer. Gone are the days where going to the theatre means going to see 'timeless classics'. Gone are the days where art is for artists alone! Gone are the days where to be entertained is to kick back and relax as you're intelligence slips down just another notch.

We believe in sick theatre for sick people. We will shock and intrigue. We will make you laugh and we will make you cry. We will inspire and perpetrate you brain with a bust of colourful ideas! 

With a prescription of our sought we guarantee that you brain cells will be alive, kicking and healthier that ever! 

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